Saturday, November 3, 2018

11.04.18 The twins turn 5!

It is hard to imagine where the time has gone. But on 11/04/18 Fionnegan and Gunnarr celebrate their fifth birthday! I remember bringing Fionn home when he just barely weighed six pounds. Gunnarr came home about a month later. Now they are robust 20 pounders!  They still have a lot of puppy spirit and are often as ornery as they are sweet. And they both get along with Shorty, who will be five in the Spring.

So we had a little celebration for them, complete with a special meal and birthday treats and of course, a chorus of Happy Birthday! Of course they have no idea what is going on, but they did enjoy their dinner.

They were out running around the yard this afternoon after it stopped raining. The wind was really blowing hard and I am  not sure they knew what to make of it. But as long as I am outside, they are right there with me.

Here are a few pictures of my boys.



They are never really far apart from each other. Here they are stalking the elusive "froggie".

And here is Shorty, a magnificent looking dog. He is playing King of the Mountain!

And of course, a bath is in order when one plays outside in the wet grass!  Here are the fluff muffins snoozing after the scrub down and blow dry. They smell so good. Even though Shorty does not allow a bath, he does let me wash him with a damp towel - so all three are clean and smell fresh. We all will sleep well tonight! All three are happy and healthy dogs and are so much fun. Lots of work, but fun.

Hope you all have a good night. Until next time, stay well.

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