Monday, January 14, 2019

01.14.19 It warms my heart....

Outside of work, there are few things that occupy my time right now as much as football and my four legged boys. The Patriots won the division championship game and we are off for the conference championship game, and if successful, the Super Bowl. So far, so good. And then football will be on the back burner as playoff hockey will be approaching.  While we all love our sports, my dogs are a constant love and challenge!

When I was thinking about bringing Shorty here many thought this was not my best idea because of the added work (yes, three dogs are a lot of work), Fionnegan and Gunnarr mighty not get along with him, (the first day was a challenge), and Shorty will not adapt because he may not want to stay inside the house, walk with a lease, follow commands, get along with Fionnegan and Gunnarr, and tolerate the cold winters and snow. Well, so far, so good here too. We have conquered all of those possible obstacles to a happy home.

Over the last  month there has also been another evolution in their relationship. They do get along well, they wrestle and play like dogs should, and they are  never out of site of one another, unless it is bath time, then Shorty slips away to his bed in the atrium. When one dog goes outside, they all run out the door. If, however, no one follows Shorty, he just turns around and comes back inside. He likes the company of Fionnegan and Gunnarr. And they have gotten used to him. They are a  pack.

Fionn and Gunnarr are my twins. They are litter mates and do have that special bond. They sleep on top of each other and snuggle into the same dog bed in the kitchen and my study. Gunnarr also grooms Fionnegan, hence Fionn has no cougar lines from his eyes but Gunnarr does. Then one day I noticed a sign of affection between Shorty and Fionnegan. Shorty actually gave him one big kiss right on the nose, much to Fionn's surprise! And he did it again when I asked if he gave Fionn a kiss!

I have also noticed that Fionn runs with Shorty when outside much more often this winter. Gunnarr tends to stay close to me while the other two run, not chasing each other, just running around looking for squirrels. Then Shorty started sitting closer to Gunnarr on the couch and would take over his spot when Gunnarr jumped up to bark at the television dogs. He would cuddle  up to me and not budge when Gunnarr came back. So Gunnarr would have to jump up on the other side and scoot in place.

Last night, while we were all in our regular position - Fionn on my lap, Gunnarr next to me, Shorty came over and laid down right next to Gunnarr. They were actually touching and both fell asleep cuddled next to each other. That was so sweet. Perhaps the relationship between animals is as complex as relationships are between people. But given enough time, we can overcome any challenges and get along. Some may even cuddle!

Here are a few cute pictures of my boys.

Shorty and Gunnarr sleeping side by side.

Fionnegan and Gunnarr watch football with me. We are having a discussion about the Patriots and TB12 and Gunnarr is hanging on my every word. I love when he turns his head to the side as he listens. Fionn is also very attentive to the conversation. After all , this is football talk!  They just had a bath and are nice and fluffy and smell good, too! Their Auntie Diane sent us Patriot pillows to match our Patriot blanket.

Shorty sits on the floor and just listens.

Gunnarr grooming Fionnegan.

I hope you are warm and doing well. We have just had bitter cold weather and are doing are best to stay warm. O, the tropics look so appealing this time of year!

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