Sunday, January 20, 2019

01.20.19 Snow, ice and a deep freeze on the way

It was bound to happen - a sizeable winter storm. We had over six inches here - not too bad for shoveling, but now the precipitation has turned to freezing rain. Went out to shovel the walkway and porches and clear off the car but decided to leave the drive for the plow truck. My hat was soaked by the time I finished. The boys stayed nice and warm inside. I could not let them out in the front with me as the gates are open for the plow trick. However, he has not yet arrived and I could have had the driveway cleared by now. I am hoping he gets here before it turns into thick ice. Perhaps another call might help!

This year only Shorty was interested in running around outside and he seemed happy to come in when I called t hem. Maybe they just don't like being pelleted by freezing ice. And they only wanted out one more time to chase the squirrels. Now they are all curled up and appear quite content. I put sweaters on them as it is cool inside the house as well as cold outside. Maybe Fionnegan and Gunnarr will be more interested in the snow later. But tomorrow the weather is going to turn brutally cold, so they will only be outside to "empty out". We can spend the day doing inside chores, never a shortage of housework to do!

The bird feeders are full and the blue jays, chickadees, juncos and downy woodpeckers are enjoying the sunflower seeds and suet. I sprinkled some seeds on the ground for the juncos and the squirrels - they all need some fuel to keep warm. Have not seen a cardinal for a while, they must have migrated to a warmer climate. The juncos are also sleeping in the little Christmas tree I took outside. They nestled in the branches and fly out when I open the door to let  the dogs outside. Despite three dogs, the birds and squirrels stay close to the house. They all must know they can escape these three yappers.

Here is a little chickadee at the feeder. He was just flying back and forth as if it were a beautiful Spring day. I didn't brush the snow from the feeder as he seemed to be dong quite well.

I shook the snow from the hemlocks as they branches were already buried in the snow. I'll go back and do it again so the ice does not form and break the branches. Last year we had a lot of damage to the trees so I am going to try to stay on top of things a little better - especially since it is daytime.

Here is little Fionnegan. As soon as I opened the door he ran inside where it is nice and warm. Perhaps chasing squirrels can wait until warmer weather!

Even Gunnarr, who is mostly attached to me wherever I go, was eager to get inside even though I was going back and forth to the feeders and trees. He generally follows me everywhere. But not today.

Shorty was having a good time, He was running back and forth and burrowing his nose in the snow. But when the door opened to the house, he ran inside with Fionnegan and Gunnarr. So I finished the chores by myself!

They do look cute in their puffer vests and sweaters.

But now they are sound asleep on their beds wearing a nice warm sweater. You would have thought they shoveled the porches for me! Shorty likes the more open locations to nap and is in the doorway. He does not like to be confined. 

This one is Fionn.

And here is Gunnarr.

Maybe they are resting because they know there is a big New England Patriot football game later tonight, so they are resting now because they will be watching the game!

Here is Shorty reaching up to give Fionn a nose bump!

Need to go check on the plough guy, just in case I need to bundle up and get out there and shovel the driveway.

Hope you all are safe and warm and managing the storm if you are in New England.

Until next time, stay well.

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