Monday, January 21, 2019

01.21.19 Patriots are Super Bowl bound - AGAIN!!!! and bitter cold weather!

Yes, what an exciting day yesterday proved to be. First with the snow and freezing rain and bitter cold temperatures. And as it turned out, I had to go back outside and shovel the driveway again - we had over 8 inches here and just a little help from the plow truck. While I was shoveling Gunnarr stayed close by me, scooting over with each row across the driveway. Shorty was happy entertaining himself by rolling around on the packed snow while Fionnegan watched from the porch. Believe it or not, no pictures as I was quite involved in clearing the driveway and walkways.

Then it was the AFC championship. the fourth quarter was a real exciting 15 minutes. The lead changed four times until the game went into overtime. What can I say - TB12 did his magic one more time and we won 37-31. Great game. Next stop is Atlanta for Super Bowl 53. This is the Patriot's third straight appearance in the SB, with luck we will win this one, too. I like that we are playing the Los Angeles Rams - a good competitive team. East Coast versus West Coast. That also makes it exciting. The boys watched the game with me and only Shorty still thinks when I yell GO that he should get up and go to the door. But I explained to him GO is for the football team, he glances at the TV, curls up again and puts his head back down. More TB12 he says, less yelling GO!

These pictures are downloaded from the internet. Our great quarterback, Tom Brady TB12. The best. Watching the excitement on the field was almost as exciting as watching the game.

Little football fans. If they do not enjoy watching it on TV, they at least are very tolerant of letting me watch it undisturbed. I think they like to watch it because of the player movement back and forth. Or maybe they just watch and wait for the commercials!

Actually during overtime, there was a large crash that sounded as if it were in the house or perhaps very close to the house. What to do - the Pats are marching down the field. The clock is ticking. We have the ball. We need to score. The Super Bowl is at stake!

A very quick check and run down to the basement to make sure the pipes did not burst was enough for the moment. In between plays I checked out the driveway and the car was fine. Anything else could wait until the end of the game! No draft in any room indicated no tree limb broke through a window. The Pats have the ball and scored and we won. That was the time to check on the rest of the house.

Near midnight there was a lunar eclipse. Yes, I did go out into the bitter cold to watch it. Fascinating. The whole yard was lit by the full moon, then darkness. Such an incredible phenomena.

When we went outside this morning it was -5 degrees F. Yes, 5 degrees below 0! Bitter cold. I made the dogs wait to get a sweater and puffer best on before letting them out. Shorty broke through the ice crusted snow and was struggling a bit to get up on the harder crust but he did it all by himself. All of them were having fun sliding sideways on the packed surface, putting their noses in any soft spot they could find, and seem oblivious to the cold. I put on a pair of snowshoes and made some tracks for them so they could manage the areas that were not as solid.

They all seemed to have fun, I enjoyed the exercise of walking around the fence with snowshoes and watching them enjoy themselves. Then I saw three robins! Poor little birds must have been freezing so I filled the feeders and hope they find a warm place to roost. I should leave them a warm bowl of water but the water bath cracked and broke during the last storm so I am needing a new water bath for them. The birds probably stay close to the house as the heat leaks through the walls in the basement, warming the edges of the ground and melting the snow. Old houses, only so much one can do. One year I found them tucked under the bushes in the front of the atrium. When it is really cold, all of the birds seem oblivious of the dogs and go to the feeders undisturbed.

Well this was our exciting day or two. I took the car in for repairs - lucky to have a service center open as today is a holiday. It is MLK day and we observe the messages that he had for us and hope we all learn to be tolerant of others.

Stay warm if you are in the cold, enjoy the warm weather if you are elsewhere. And until next time ….. stay well.

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