Tuesday, January 1, 2019

01/01/19 My shadows and some birds

Today was relaxing. Cooked a nice dinner and then we went outside to enjoy the day. We are fortunate to have some really mild weather and spent some time outside running around the yard. However because it rained and snowed last night the yard is a bit muddy - not great for those little paws. But we are enjoying the sunshine and warm air. I did find some plants breaking through the ground so covered them as it is not yet Spring. I suspect they are confused by the really cold weather now the warm Spring like day.

My three four legged boys are following me around everywhere I go, inside and outside. They seem to be enjoying having me around the house today. We fed the birds a couple of times as it is entertaining for me as well as them. I like to watch the birds at the feeder and don't mind the squirrels either. We all have to eat!

It is too muddy to take them on a trail - I am not prepared to give baths today. When we trail walk they get dirty all over - tummies, heads as well as paws. But they have a lot of running room in the fenced area with much and boulders so less of a mess.

Here are a few pictures of the boys and birds from today's activities. I am having some camera problems and still need to work out some of the bugs. But the lens is clouded and does not seem to clear - again. Ugh.



When I go inside they wait by the door for me to let them back inside with me. On occasion, if there is a small gap, Gunnarr can open it and surprise me by running inside the house to find me! I will need to remove those stickers. They were put there so the boys would not bump into the glass when going outside. For a while the window was out of the frame for repair and they would just jump through the door. The first time the window was put back in place, they bumped their nose on it!


Tufted titmouse.


Singing for his supper! Look at those nails.

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