Monday, May 15, 2017

05.15.17 Making good progress

Well, life has been hectic and fun since Shorty arrived. This past week Shorty has shown a lot if interest in playing with Fionnegan and Gunnarr, a very good sign that they can co-exist together in a friendly environment. While Fionn and Gunnarr growl and jump on each other, Shorty joined the fray with sticking his nose in between then, tail awagging. Then over the weekend they were chasing each other around the yard and jumping up on each other. Fionn, who has tried to ignore him, even gave Shorty his "come play with me" bark.

We go for long walks in the park and I must say they all do well together. Shorty still leads, but I see Fionn making the move to resume his leadership role. Gunnarr almost always stays close tome as he always does. Gunnarr is my protector.

One of the cutest things happened last night. Before we go to bed, I always give Shorty a tummy rub and head rub and tuck him in his bed. I also cover him up with a blanket to keep him warm. But last night Fionn and Gunnarr gave him the sweetest nose bump before they went upstairs to sleep and Shorty was so happy - he just wagged his tail and smiled. As soon as the weather breaks we will resume our walks in the park. They all enjoy them. Shorty is eating well, does not bother the fluff muffins when they eat, and at the end of the day they all are sleeping in my study as I work.

I really am glad I brought Shorty here. I have no idea what would have happened to him had he stayed in Yap. With the threats by the landlord and the news that Connie and Daniel are leaving, Shorty would have ended up a true street dog with probably a short life span. Here he is flourishing and safe and looks very, very happy. I get so many "puppy kisses" from him that I know this was the right move to make. Shorty is in his "forever" home with his brothers Fionnegan and Gunnarr.

A tired dog is a good dog. Here are pictures of them asleep as I work. They do move around a bit but go fast to sleep.


Fionnegan on his perch by my desk.


Am still working on the ideal leash to walk three independent minded dogs. I found one on but still need to modify it to keep me from getting tangled! Am looking forward to warmer - and drier - weather so the dogs can run outside.

They all look happy.

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