Friday, July 28, 2017

07/28/19 Sailboat racing

Wednesday night races are invigorating and fun. While the larger boats are in a class of their own, the lovely Rhodes19 race against each other. The weather was perfect with decent wind and tide and we came in first on Mike's Red Dawg.

Here are a few photographs of a J80 - beautiful yacht, the Boston skyline and us after the race was completed.

Winthrop, MA. CPYC boats are in the foreground. These are the boats for teaching the kids to sail. And they are great - a lot of confidence and camaraderie in those little ones. I especially like watching the little girls take control of their boat and develop self confidence.

Boston skyline is in the background, the J80 off to the right.

Red dawg spinnaker, a Rhodes19.

Spinnaker for downwind sailing.

OK, lots of photographs of this boat. It is a beauty.

The best view when racing - all of the boats behind you!

Mike, owner of Red Dawg. One Great Guy.  He helps me on my Rhodes19 when I have questions or problems. She will be in the regatta at the beginning of August.

Danny and I crewed for the race, here I am at the helm on the way home. Did not get lost!

Boston skyline at night, taken from CPYC, Winthrop, MA. Logan airport is in the foreground. The famous clock tower is to the right of the photograph.

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